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Deanna Tovar & Thaddeus Arroyo
written by Christine O'Connor | photography by Goen South Weddings
From a Parisian proposal to a honeymoon in the Caribbean, Deanna Tovar and Thaddeus Arroyo have had a very romantic courtship and marriage. more >
Elsie Portes & Tony Barnes
written by Kristen Eichenmuller | photography by Patterson Photography
Elsie Portes had no idea her solo birthday celebration would lead her to her soul mate. During her February trip from San Antonio to Austin, Texas, she instantly fell for Tony Barnes, a new intern at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. "I got butterflies the moment I laid eyes on him," remembers Elsie. more >
Krisna Fountain & Travis James
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Joel Byrd Photography
A simple "Will you marry me?" was definitely not what Navy man Travis James had in mind when deciding how to propose to his girlfriend Krisna Fountain. Knowing that he wanted to make the proposal memorable for her, Travis made secret plans with Krisna's family to catch her completely unaware. more >
Maddie Popham & Josh Bailey
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by FACES by Jessica
Although Maddie Popham and Josh Bailey spent nearly every morning together after meeting in 2003, romance was not immediately in the air for the two of them. Josh, a high school senior at the time, and Maddie, a junior, both worked as office aides at the same Floresville school and became close friends. After Josh graduated, however, the two lost touch until running into each other nearly a year later on a beach in Port Aransas. Their rekindled friendship gradually progressed to something more over a few months until the two were happily and exclusively dating. more >

Sarah Schriedel & Josh Fuqua
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Moments & Milestones Photography
The old adage of absence making the heart grow fonder seems appropriate for the beginning stages of Sarah and Josh's relationship, though perhaps in this case it was merely the thought of absence. After meeting through mutual friends in the fall of 2008, it was not until Sarah was asked by her employer to move to Del Rio the following spring that Josh got the nerve to finally ask her on a date. "All it took was me moving two and a half hours away to get him to ask me out," Sarah described with a smile and a hint of sarcasm in her voice. more >
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Alesha Holder & Christian Trimble
written by Christine O'Connor | photography by Goen South Weddings
It all began at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas. Alesha Holder and Christian Trimble met at the annual company meeting, while working for the same pharmaceutical company. Alesha was a pharmaceutical representative out of Memphis, Tennessee at the time and Christian was working from the company's Oklahoma City office. During the national meeting at the Hyatt, Alesha and Christian spent a lot of time together. As Alesha says, "We made quite an impression on each other that week, both professionally and personally. As they say, the rest is history!" more >
Amanda Goodman & Frank Alvarado
written by Beth Stockwell | photography by Patterson Photography
Like a seed that grows into a tree, Amanda and Frank Alvarado's relationship grew strong from years of tending. They met at the University of Texas at San Antonio at a house party at Frank's fraternity. Amanda was in a sorority and they had many mutual friends. Though they met when he was a senior and she was a junior, it wasn't until years later when they began working together that their relationship blossomed. more >
Kristi Padalecki & Jeff Murray
written by Rachel Danley | photography by Straughan Photography
Kristi Ann Padalecki and Jeffrey Scott Murray, who both call New Braunfels, Texas their hometown, became friends in 2005. Later, in December 2006, they began dating. Once Kristi and Jeff decided that their relationship was right for themselves and their combined four children it was time for the kids to meet. They spent the next year getting to know each other better and watching their children build relationships with one another. As time went by, they realized that they shared more and more views, ideas, career backgrounds and religious beliefs with each other. more >

Rachel Shipley & Garett Hagendorf
written by Beth Stockwell | photography by Silver Plate Photography
In the well-known children's story The Tortoise and the Hare, two animals raced against each other. On a gorgeous day in late March, a metaphoric tortoise and hare raced toward each other and met at the altar. Rachel Shipley and Garett Hagendorf have affectionately made this children's story their own. Rachel, the hare, is a multi-tasker and Garett, the tortoise, has been the yin to her yang, as he is organized, logical and steady. Their beautiful wedding at Kali Kate Farms in Buda, Texas solidified that they were in the race of life together as a team. more >
Victoria Rech & Addison Weaver
written by Christine O'Connor | photography by Joel Byrd Photography
It was fireworks from the start for Victoria and Addison. They first met in San Antonio while attending the same church congregation. "We were high school sweethearts, attending rivaling high schools," says Addison sweetly. Their love lasted through the years. Victoria and Addison make a lovely couple because they share many of the same interests, while also making up for each others' weaknesses. more >