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Krisna Fountain & Travis James
March 5, 2010

written by
Katie Chancellor
photography by
Joel Byrd Photography

A simple "Will you marry me?" was definitely not what Navy man Travis James had in mind when deciding how to propose to his girlfriend Krisna Fountain. Knowing that he wanted to make the proposal memorable for her, Travis made secret plans with Krisna's family to catch her completely unaware.

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The cohorts planned for everyone, including Travis' parents, to head to La Porte to tour the USS Texas together under the guise of the two sets of parents meeting for the first time. Little did Krisna know that the day would hold much more significance for her than just first introductions between the two families. The group met, introductions were made, and they all began a long tour around the ship keeping the proposal plans a secret while Travis waited for the perfect moment. After the tour was completed, Travis knew the time was right to make his move. With the ring burning a hole in his pocket and the right words on the tip of his tongue, he coaxed Krisna to the bow of the ship and got down on one knee. She was overwhelmed with emotion. "The feeling is more than you could ever imagine. It's one of the happiest moments in my life!" described Krisna. Mission accomplished for Travis.

The months of wedding planning flew by, and final decisions were made regarding the upcoming event. One of those decisions was to have the ceremony and reception at the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, perfectly befitting the connection that both Krisna's family and Travis have to the Navy.

At the outdoor ceremony in the courtyard at the Nimitz, Krisna walked down the aisle in a Cinderella-style wedding gown to meet her groom dressed in his Navy dress blues. Travis was not the only one present that day wearing the formal uniform, though. Krisna's father, the ushers, and even several of the guests were similarly attired in their Navy colors.

In addition to her "something new" dress, Krisna wore a pair of earrings that her mother also wore on her wedding day as well as a pearl necklace with a blue diamond that her father had bought for her mother while stationed overseas. Though hidden from guests until later in the evening, she also wore a blue camouflage garter that displayed the Navy emblem.

The colors of the day were deep lapis purple with sunny yellow for accents, an appropriate combination for a March day that was just around the corner from the calendar's transition of winter to spring. Krisna and her bridesmaids carried purple and yellow wildflower bouquets that included bright, cheery sunflowers. Inside the elegant ballroom at the Nimitz Museum, the reception was decorated with flower arrangements of the same colors. To make it personal, however, the wildflower arrangements were placed in vases that Krisna had collected from bouquets of flowers Travis sent to her throughout their dating and engagement period.

Joel A. Byrd Photography captured the special moments during the event and, as Krisna explained, "had so many wonderful and creative ideas." Throughout the reception, the couple's guests enjoyed music from Platinum DJ Entertainment. The dinner of pork tenderloin with raspberry chipotle glaze and sides of au gratin potatoes and a vegetable medley was served by Delicious Details catering.

Once the wedding festivities were over, Krisna and Travis traveled to Port Canaveral, Florida to embark on a Carnival cruise that toured the Eastern Caribbean. "We didn't want to go back home. We enjoyed everything so much." said Krisna.

After the honeymoon, however, the newlyweds were sadly forced to temporarily part ways. Travis is now deployed to a new assignment in San Diego, California, and his bride lives in San Antonio while working to complete her nursing degree. But the couple refuses to let the physical distance dampen their spirits. Krisna explained how the change has affected them positively. "Our communication is all that we have, and I would have to say our marriage is stronger now that it was before he left. I love my husband more today than I did when I married him, which I never thought was possible."

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Ceremony & Reception Location:
Nimitz Museum Courtyard
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Joel Byrd
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Delicious Details
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Wedding Cake:
Sophie's Choice Bakery
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Davids Bridal
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Gown Designer:
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Gown & Veil:
Davids Bridal
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Davids Bridal
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Bridesmaid Dress Designer:
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Davids's Bridal
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Hair & Makeup:
Neta Fletcher

Men's Formal Wear:
Mens Warehouse
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Timeless Memories
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Oriental Trading website
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Ceremony Music:
Platinum DJ Entertainment

Reception Music:
Platinum DJ Entertainment

Guest Accomodation:
Fredricksburg Inn and suites
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