San Antonio Wedding Mall

Contact: Daniel or Coleen Yantis
Phone:   512-971-7172
Alternate:   512-971-7173
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What customers are saying about D&C Entertainment

D & C Entertainment, has been a staple at our venue for at least 6 years and we love having them here! I think one of the best things that sets them apart is that they are not cheesy. They are a professional couple, who know how to have fun and make sure everyone around them is doing the same! They manage to stay on top of the current music styles and I have never had to worry one iota when knowing they are on the agenda. They make my job a whole lot easier!

Elaine @ Kindred Oaks


on January 25, 2015

Having worked with Coleen countless times at weddings I can honestly say that she is one of the best and most entertaining DJs in the business. Not only does she keep your party going, she is professional, 100% reliable and wonderful to deal with. I would recommend to anyone in the need of these services for their wedding day!

Johnell @ Clearly Classy Events


on January 25, 2015

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