San Antonio Wedding Mall
Contact: Lilian
Phone:   (210) 384 0134
  300 W. Bitters, Suite 220
San Antonio, Texas
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Indulgences Hair and Body Salon

Experience a new look and transform yourself with Italian-style to a brighter colour splashed with soft variations of interwoven shades to highlight and create movement within the haircut. You can also be daring and bathe your hair in rich deep tones and magically accentuate your facial features. Tired of being told you look old and tired? Try a different makeup application technique to streamline your daily beauty routine or indulge yourself with permanent cosmetics and wake up looking like you have already had time to put on a face. We can also teach you a few simple “makeup tricks of the pros” that will camouflage imperfections and focus the eye on more important features like a beautiful, bright smile or doe-like eyes rimmed with luscious lashes. And, speaking of luscious lashes, we can perform miracles by pigmenting your own lashes or we can add a whole new dimension with eyelash extensions or an eyelash perm. If you are short on time you can still indulge yourself with our express facial, hand and foot treatments while giving yourself a much needed break from the everyday routines. We always recommend one of our 8 different custom body wraps as the ultimate “get-away-from-it-all” even if you can only spare a 90 minute block of time. Not only will you get a peaceful nap but, you will be detoxed, energized, remineralized, exfoliated, softened, smoothed and nurtured after we finish using the newest European body care technology and products. So, do yourself a favor and take a long lunch break or call the babysitter and take some time to nurture yourself. You can check your phone at the front desk—we won’t tell anyone that you are spending time with us! We have series of body wraps and spot treatments that will also help to blast away the orange-peel looking skin caused by impurities lodged in the fat cells and connective tissue of the belly, hips, thighs and upper arms. If you are tired of spider like veins and tiny blood vessels that create road maps on your legs, we can strengthen the walls of your vascular system and help them to virtually be reduced or even disappear with our high tech products.