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Contact: Joel A. Byrd
Phone:   210-696-5226
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"To tell you the truth, I always have fun at all of my weddings,
and I will make sure you do too."

I take each wedding as a totally new event, constantly searching for new poses and angles. I do not want to miss anything. Some photographers count shots and limit themselves to just the traditional poses. For me, to be worried about expense of squeezing the shutter more than capturing a key moment would be an injustice to you and your wedding day story. Your wedding should represented as true to life as possible and not choreographed to a photographer's idea of what a wedding should be.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility with all of our packages. Our unique pricing allows our clients to create their own customized package to fit their exact specifications.

Just the right blend of posed formal and photojournalistic candids to chronicle your special day to live forever. Working from your ideas, our suggestions and the magic of the day itself, we make every wedding unique to your special event.

Our equipment is professional medium format and 35mm is used for mostly candid situations. We carry plenty of back-up equipment in case of any problems.

Photography done your way, for the best memories in life.
Consultations are arranged by appointment by calling (210) 696-5226