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"I feel quality is often equated with formality in this community and many times attention to excellence is skirted in the name of maintaining a casual country atmosphere. I seriously want to disprove this theory." When questioned about the meaningful purpose of such a facility, Suzanne remarked, "Chapel Hall definitely has the edifice of an old country church, but it is not a specifically religious place. Laura and I designed the "church" not only to create alluring antiquity and captivating historic ambiance, but also to fulfill the needs of many different ethnic and professional groups of people. The two of us created the space in the light of spirituality, celebration, practical business needs, art, music, festivity, joy and reflection of the past in this country. In simple words, for each individual experience, Chapel Hall will assume unique meaning for that person."

The Grand Opening of this world class facility was September 9th, with events kicking off the following week. Bookings in Chapel Hall for events being planned after September 1, 2002 are now being taken. Suzanne proudly reflects, "We never dreamed the most beautiful setting in the Texas Hill Country could become even more magnificent as this magical Chapel Hall immerged in the middle of the prairie, which we have affectionately referred to as our "Field of Dreams." Visitors are welcomed by an extraordinarily capable and friendly staff at Old Glory Ranch to book meetings, events, weddings or parties in the new millennium or just to be a part of this incredible dream as it unfolds.

Old Glory Ranch & Chapel Hall Press Release
The ranch, a pristine 850 acre track of land in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with the crystal clear waters of the Blanco River slicing through the north side of the property, was bought in 1984 by Charles and Suzanne McCord of Houston.

Wimberley was a second home in those days, but Suzanne envisioned much more for the future of this spectacular acreage. Old Glory Ranch was blessed with this patriotic name in traditional McCord family spirit referring to the ominous 25' x 38' American flag which graces the majestic skies over the ranch and can be seen for miles around and approaching the quaint little village of Wimberley. The ranch has undergone an amazing transformation with an exciting construction project of a premier event facility, Chapel Hall. Construction of this incredibly versatile new space began in July '99 and was completed in September, 2000.

After operating for three years with a fun outdoor pavilion, the need for indoor space with air conditioning and heat to protect the guests from inclement weather and make the business more functional during all seasons became evident. The fantasies of Suzanne McCord, Old Glory Ranch owner, with the support of her life long friend, Laura Weems, Laura Weems Interiors, began to emerge as a possible reality. The concept being explored was to buy and move an old country chapel to the ranch and convert it into a meeting hall, dance hall, restaurant, wedding chapel, or whatever the client envisions for their particular event, whether it is a formal casual or business affair. As the difficulties of moving an old building surfaced, the two women began to consider the possibilities of building a new structure to look as if it were an old building moved to the Old Glory location.

After collecting architectural artifacts, stained glass windows, light fixtures, etc. from old churches and salvaging old wood from some turn of the century buildings, the design work began. With the architectural application of their design being provided by Sam Bebeau, a Dallas architect, and continual architectural contributions and construction expertise being spearheaded by Ron Balderach, Balderach & Company of Austin, the women's vision has come to fruition. This versatile facility contains a well equipped commercial grade kitchen, walk-in cooler, break-out spaces or bride/groom dressing rooms, an office two fireplaces, well-equipped bar facilities, a state of the art audio-video system complete with stage lighting for small productions, a hall which will seat over 400 people for productions, meeting, or weddings or accommodate in excess of 250 inside for a seated dinner and even more people for a dance event - all this, adorning an already fabulous ranch setting with stately oaks, the Blanco River, and breathtaking views of the hills.

When asked about her goals for the business, Suzanne comments, "I am interested in maintaining the historic and scenic integrity of the countryside, and giving something back to the community that has given me so much peace and pleasure in my life. I want a first class place which enhances the environment with the charm of simple relaxed country elegance... quality and respect for detailed authenticity are very important to me, without letting the dollar drive my aspirations for Old Glory."

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