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True Handcrafted Men's Footwear - Quality Without Compromise

The M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection was created with the vision of creating fine footwear from the finest materials and with craftsmanship that rivals the most prestigious brands in the world. Our collection of footwear offers classic shoes with modern twists, all handmade and hand finished to a luxury standard that cannot be replicated.

All of our shoes are handmade in both Italy and Turkey and are fully constructed in the finest Italian leather and suede. Our leather soles are stitched to each upper using either a Blake/McKay method for supreme comfort and flexibility , or the Goodyear welting method for maximum durability . Our leathers are sourced in a crust state (without color) allowing our master shoemakers to treat each shoe as a blank canvas during the hand-coloring and finishing process.

The finished product is truly a masterpiece that showcases the best in the art of shoemaking. We are able to create tones and hues through our handcrafting processes that are impossible to reproduce by our mass produced and machine constructed competitors. Our details are comparable to the world's most prominent bespoke brands, while remaining an affordable luxury for all who desire the best in men's footwear. 

We invite you to experience our collection and share in the passion that inspired it's creation.